Craft roasting organic coffees from the world’s finest farms with a commitment to Canadian wilderness protection, carbon-neutrality and community development.


We believe that coffee can be an avenue for conservation and climate action. Every bag of coffee sold includes a donation to the Nature Conservancy of Canada (NCC). Since 1962, NCC has helped conserve 14 million hectares (35 million acres) of critical habitat.

This year, we are highlighting the Nature Conservancy of Canada’s Darkwoods Conservation Area in south-eastern British Columbia. Darkwoods is a breathtaking wilderness landscape and an example of effective large-scale conservation.

The Darkwoods Conservation Area protects biologically rich habitats including inland temperate rainforest, sub-alpine meadows, valley-bottom wetlands, and 17 watersheds which provide freshwater to the surrounding communities.

Supporting diversity of life, including the endangered western screech owl. It plays a central role in a network of parks, wildlife management areas, that provide over 1,100 km2 for animals like the grizzly bear and wolverine to roam freely.

Landscapes like Darkwoods provide resilience in the face of a changing climate, allowing plants and animals to migrate and adapt. NCC’s Darkwoods carbon project ensures that this stock is protected for the long term and verified annually.


Every year we work with Synergy to measure our total emissions—including everything from shipping green beans, to energy to run our plant and fuel for delivery vehicles. We offset our emissions by purchasing verified Carbon Credits.


The Nature Conservancy of Canada (NCC) is Canada’s leading non-profit land conservation organization. NCC partners with individuals, corporations, foundations, Indigenous communities, other non-profit organizations and governments at all levels to protect nature.

15¢ from every pound of coffee sold is donated to the Nature Conservancy of Canada to protect habitat for our nation’s wildlife.


Our organic coffees are purchased farm-direct ensuring producers receive a fair and ethical price.

Both our beans and roasting facility are certified organic. This means you can be sure your coffee is free from synthetic chemicals, fertilizers, and pesticides from seed to cup.



All Farm & Forest Organic Coffees are roasted in a carbon neutral facility in BC. We have implemented a number of practices and new technology to keep our environmental impact as low as possible.

Towards Zero Waste – recycling everything possible, including soft plastics, organic waste, metals, plastics, and more.

Partnering with a Social Enterprise on Vancouver Island to reuse our burlap waste, Island Java Bags turns our green bean sacs into beautiful bags and tablecloths!

Our Loring Smart Roasters use over 80% less energy for every batch. Plus we recapture waste heat from roasting to heat our buildings!

Our facility is audited by Synergy every year to help us continue to make improvements and reduce our carbon footprint.