About Our Coffee

At Farm & Forest, we are craft roasting specialty grade, Organic Certified coffees from some of the world’s finest growing regions at our Carbon Neutral Roasting works, nestled near the shores of the Pacific Ocean with mountain views.

Commitment To Canada

Farm & Forest is committed to having a positive impact on climate action through the direct sourcing of sustainable coffees from around the world, local carbon neutral roasting and supporting wildlife conservation across Canada.

The Farm & Forest Story

Farm & Forest Organic Coffee Roasters is a Canadian, carbon-neutral, craft coffee experience with a commitment to protect our forests from the effects of climate change. Our coffees are supplied from organic farming partners around the world.

Want to know more?

Got a question or comment? Contact Farm & Forest and we can let you know where to find our coffee or let you know more about our commitmment to Canadian wilderness protection, click the link below to connect with us today! 

Wilderness protection

Craft roasting organic coffees from the world’s finest farms with a commitment to Canadian wilderness protection, carbon-neutrality and community development.

Farm to Cup

Our organic coffees are purchased farm-direct ensuring producers receive a fair and ethical price.

Cup to Forest

Forest are key to a healthy climate. The conservation and carbon reduction projects we support protect Canadian wilderness for future generations. 

Direct Trade 🍁 Craft Roasted

10¢ from every lb of coffee sold is donated to the Nature Conservancy of Canada to protect habitat for our nation’s wildlife.

Selkirk Moose


Red grape, honey, raw sugar

Western Red Cedar

Medium Dark

Plum, Brown sugar, Milk chocolate



Tobacco, Spice, Dark Chocolate

Western Screech Owl


Vanilla, Dark Chocolate, Tobacco

Darkwoods Espresso

Medium Dark

Molasses, Red Fruit, Chocolate

Trembling Aspen

Medium Decaf

Caramel, Milk Chocolate, Floral